Where to get English-language news about Spain

Where to get English-language news about Spain
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During this Covid-19 crisis, we all need to keep up with what’s happening in Barcelona and Spain. Where can you go to stay reliably informed if your Spanish and Catalan isn’t good enough to easily read local and national publications?

Here’s my go-to list of where to get good-quality, reliable news about Barcelona and the rest of Spain:

El País in English

Spanish National daily newspaper El País has an English edition which covers the day’s main stories in Spain. Any government announcements or major events will be reported here, so a quick look each day will ensure you haven’t missed anything important.

The editor of the English edition, Simon Hunter, and his colleague Melissa Kitson make a weekly podcast ¿Qué? which is an informal chat about what’s been in the Spanish news. If you use the #QuePodcast hashtag on Twitter, you can ask a question or suggest what you’d like to hear about.

El País has recently moved to a subscription model, but the English edition is still free to access.


Spain in English

Spain in English is a news website run by British Journalist and author Tim Parfitt. It’s known for its in-depth, detailed coverage and is more balanced towards Barcelona stories compared to Madrid-focused El País.

There is a dedicated Covid-19 section and a comprehensive daily update is published every morning. The website is free to access.


Catalan News

Catalan News is an English-language news website focused, as the name would suggest, on stories in Barcelona and the rest of Catalunya. Here you will find many local stories that aren’t reported in the national press.

It’s a subsidiary of the Catalan News Agency, which is owned by the Catalan government. It’s free to access.


The Local Spain

The Local is a European English-language digital news publisher, which operates in several European countries. Their Spain edition covers a variety of current events and stories in Spain relevant to their English-speaking readership. They operate a subscription model, however they have made their Covid-19 content free to access.


The Spain Report

Independent British journalist Matthew Bennett is known for his no-nonsense style and reports in both English and Spanish. The Spain Report works on a Patreon model, where you can sign up for access to all his reporting and analysis, including podcasts. His newsletter is free. The easiest thing is to simply follow him on Twitter, where he has been providing a daily thread of Covid-19 updates in English and Spanish.



Social media can be full of misinformation but, if you follow the right people, Twitter can be an efficient way of making sure you don’t miss anything important. All the news sources mentioned above have Twitter accounts and so do many of the official government departments – and Twitter allows you to easily translate tweets in the app, which is handy.

Here’s my list of recommended follows if you’re on Twitter:


@Hedgecoe Guy Hedgecoe, BBC

@grahamkeeley Graham Keeley, various outlets

@matthewbennett The Spain Report

@swajones Sam Jones, The Guardian and The Observer

@stephenburgen, The Guardian and The Observer

@Jessicajones590 Jessica Jones, Reuters

@tjparfitt Tim Parfitt, Spain in English

Official government departments:

@educaciocat Department of Education, Generalitat de Catalunya

@salutcat Department de Salut, Generalitat de Catalunya

@SaludPublicaEs Public Health account, Spanish Government

@emergenciescat Civil Protection, Generalitat de Catalunya

And finally…

I humbly invite you to also follow the Barcelona Family Life Facebook page and Twitter account. I try to post only the most important information relevant to international families in Barcelona. No doom-mongering, memes or rumours. Just the things you really need to know.

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